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David West

Search Strategies

Like a Swiss Army knife, the Internet is a tool. It is a different tool to every person.  Some people research, some find services, some make friends. Understanding how the internet is a massively large database of information is key to a successful search strategy.  Understand how unique identifying information allows search engines to connect dots, make assumptions and evaluate quality will ensure that you contribute to this database with true purpose.

The Purpose

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is, for all intents and purposes, the manipulation of online data to bolster the organic search ranking of a website. By learning the fundamentals of SEO, you can position yourself to “use the internet” to help you web real estate perform better.

Who Should Learn Search Strategies?

Business owners, managers, website designers, social media consultants, community managers etc. If you contribute content into the internet via a website or a social profile and you have an interest in being found… you should learn search engine optimization.

If I Learn It Do I Have to Do It?

You can always outsource the primary search optimization for your business website. You do need to understand though, if you write anything online… like a blog post, a tweet, or a Facebook business page status update then you are missing an opportunity to bolster your position in search if you remain un educated.

Need In-House Training

Aside from his current curriculum David can evaluate your organization needs and provide a custom training experience within your own facility. For example, if you have a community manager for your social strategies, that isn’t training in search engine optimization, you may be missing an opportunity! If you have an administrator responsible for your social media updates and they have not been properly trained… you are missing opportunities online.Bringing it all Together

Our approach to online marketing is ‘all encompassing’. We teach our clients to be aware, not only of the social aspects of the Internet, but also to understand how this massively large database can be leverage to monitor your reputation, retain existing clients and engage potential new clients.

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Some of David's Clients

  • Cir Realty
  • Canada Mortgage Network
  • Canasa
  • Calgary Residential