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Calgary is Networking to Build Business

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Business Networking Works…

When I started our website design company over four years ago, the concept of networking meetings was something quite new to me. When the first networking group contacted me and invited me out to a lunch meeting, I actually turned them down. Thankfully, they were persistent and after a few weeks I attended my first meeting. I joined my first networking club.

I had a tough time understanding how meeting the same dozen people every week would bring me new business. The focus of the network referral club was to bring leads to other members. It worked fairly well in terms of my business, most of the referrals received were actual club members.  I really appreciate these early clients.

As our business grew, and as our website began generating more and more leads, my attendance at networking meetings declined. I no longer attend a regular weekly lunch meeting. Having said that, the early start we got through networking continues to pay off today. I gained a lot of new clients in the earlier years through these clubs. The relationships that were fostered continue to work for us. I consistently receive new business leads from the neworkers that I met years ago.

Great Leadership = Great Growth

The Calgary Entrepreneur Meetup is one of the greatest opportunities for business to business networking in Calgary today.  Stuart Crawford is the founder and current chair of this meetup. Stuart’s passion for the community is stronger today than ever before. His approach to giving prior to getting is admirable.

When do they meetup?

The Calgary Entrepreneur Meetup currently gets together formally one time per month. We have plans to increase this to include more frequent meetings including breakfast and lunch meetings. While the current meetings are held in the evenings, the odd alternative time will likely bring more members out. At last count there were over 500 members in the group – making this one of Calgary’s largest networking group.

What is it going to cost you?

The fact that the meetup is run 100% by volunteers is admirable.  The token fee of $5.00 per meeting is taken on a drop-in basis. There is no annual membership fees.

What will you experience at a meetup?

You will meet like minded entrepreneurs. Many of us own our own successful businesses. Some will be in the start-up phase. Some will be representing larger organizations. One thing that is common, we all come out to learn from each others experiences.

Where to you network for your business? Visit the Calgary Entrepreneur site today.

Tell me your thoughts on this… I would love to see your comment added below.

Cheers –
David A. West

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TJW Piano Recital 2008

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Travis participated in his annual piano recital recently, this is the video of his music. Michelle is his instructor and has been since he started piano lessons. Enjoy the music!

Executive Diamond Services – Testimonial

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Garry and Brooks of Executive Diamond Services gave this testimonial for eKzact Solutions. Executive Diamonds is a Calgary Jeweller that works with clients by appointment in their offices. Located in SE Calgary at the South Centre Mall.

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