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The World’s Biggest Search Engine?

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Tom Costello and Anna Patterson of the new search engine “Cuil” have something to celebrate!

Anna Patterson’s last Internet search engine was so impressive that industry leader Google Inc. bought the technology in 2004 to upgrade its own system. She believes her latest invention is even more valuable — only this time it’s not for sale.  See the Fox News site for full article

And according to CUIL;

The Internet has grown exponentially in the last fifteen years but search engines have not kept up—until now. Cuil searches more pages on the Web than anyone else—three times as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft.

Rather than rely on superficial popularity metrics, Cuil searches for and ranks pages based on their content and relevance. When we find a page with your keywords, we stay on that page and analyze the rest of its content, its concepts, their inter-relationships and the page’s coherency.

Since it’s launch on July 28th, CUIL has enjoyed more than 50 million searches. This type of traffic closely rivals that of Yahoo and Microsoft’s Live.  A fair feat to celebrate given that CUIL is a small start up with only 30 employees.

I spent some time on CUIL testing some of my favorite keyword phrases, like “Calgary website design“. I have mixed feelings about the search results that CUIL is returning.  Actually the result for Calgary website design is fairly excellent :-)  When I search the names or domain names of some fairly well know Calgary business websites, to my surprise they don’t perform as well as I thought that they would.

I think CUIL is a pretty fine tool. I am looking forward to it maturing and giving the big boys a run for their money. There is a lot of room for strong search engines on our Internet… competition is good for us all.

CUIL claims to be the “World’s Biggest Search Engine“… now we wait to see if the search results are a relevant as our friend Google.  While indexing 120 Billion plus pages on the internet is quite impressive, the true measure of success for a search engine has to be in the quality of the actual search results.

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David A. West

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Free eBook – “Connecting the Dots to Business Success”

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Stuart Crawford, a good friend of mine and someone I look to as a mentor in business, released his free eBook “Connecting the Dots to Business Success in Today’s IT Business”.  While the booklet was written for IT Professionals, it can really be used by anyone.

Stuart talks at length about the rapidly changed IT industry. He talks about customers and the role of a service provider. You need to understand where the market is today, and this is what the eBook is about. It is about “Connecting the Dots” today, so you can be successful right NOW!

Stuart wrote “Why is this book free?  …I am not charging anyone for this eBook, it is completely free.  Life is about helping others and providing assistance to our colleagues in the marketplace.  Life is about giving back to the community.  So pick up your eBook today!”

I enjoyed reading Stuart’s report and found many parallel’s between his thoughts on the IT Business and our business of website design and development.  Thank you Stuart, for sharing your thoughts and advice.

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David A. West

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Event: Calgary Entrpreneurs – Creating Stickiness on the Web

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Stuart Crawford and I will be presenting at the upcoming Calgary Entrepreneur Meetup Group. The meeting is on August 14th, in Calgary, at 6:30pm.  We will be discussing “Stickiness on the Web”.  We spoke together last month and I really enjoy presenting with Stuart.  We are both very excited about the Intenet and how it is impacting business. I think that becomes very clear when you see us interact in this some-what formal “discussion” on the ‘web’.

Click on the …more link to get the full details and learn about the Calgary Entrepreneur Meetup Group. This Group is a great opportunity to network, learn and grow your business!

The Calgary Entrepreneur Meetup Group is the largest and longest running meetup group in Calgary. If you are an entrepreneur, if you would like to become and entrepreneur, or if you want to support entrepreneurs then join us at our next meeting!

Our monthly event is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get together, mingle and relax. The event is not meant to be a sit down structured event but one where entrepreneurs kick back, network and enjoy themselves.

Cost is $5.00 to attend
You are responsible for your own food bill

Visit our website at

Start Time: Thursday, August 14 at 6:30pm
End Time: Thursday, August 14 at 9:30pm
Where: Calgary Coast Plaza Hotel – Horizon’s Restaurant

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David A. West

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