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What Happens If the Workers Bees Don’t Get Honey…

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

If the worker bees don’t get honey, the Queen bee will perish. Worker bees are responsible for everything that happens in the hive. They make the comb where the honey is stored and eggs are laid. Why am I thinking about bees again? Bees make a great metaphoric lead into interesting topics like employee and employer relationships. Plus, the last time I wrote about Bees in my blog, It brought a lot of visitors… who would have thought there was so much interest in bees.

Take Two…with a few word changes;

If the employees don’t get things done, the Company will perish. Workers are responsible for everything that gets done in an organization. They deliver the products or services and add the creative flash that makes your business what it is. Workers that regret or resent their employment do not contribute… your clients will feel their dissatisfaction.

As our business evolves we add resources to ensure that we can deliver the services that we sell. In our business of web design and development, our number one resource is people. I have been a people manager for most of my adult life. At one point in my career I had a dozen direct reports who helped me coordinate and manage a team of nearly 400 personnel on 24 hour shifts.

I can’t imagine managing people without these thoughts;

  • recognize and appreciate each individual persons strengths
  • forgive their weakness (if it doesn’t impact your business negatively)
  • be flexible, not everyone has a good day every day
  • value the things your people have learned and recognize that starting over with a replacement is more difficult than coaching the employee you already have
  • the time we put into growing skills in our people is priceless
  • give regular feedback, be honest, honesty should not be hurtful
  • feedback has to include positive remarks

Back to Bees… the bees all work together to fill up the comb. Each individual has to contribute.

How do you work with people. Have I missed any important points in my list above? I am sure I have… share your thoughts.

Have you seen the Part Machine buses running around?

Tell me your thoughts on this… I would love to see your comment added below.

Cheers -
David A. West

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A Childhood Wish Fulfilled

Friday, September 5th, 2008

For as long as I can remember, and my Mother can confirm this, I have wanted to drive a bus. Until today I haven’t had that opportunity. I always thought that driving a bus would be pretty cool.  

….hey, there are pictures here… read more.

Tom Malin of Party Machine, a great client of ours, popped by for coffee this morning. He brought with him the most magnificent party machine you can image. Tom described it as his “baby”. He re-built, painted it and finished the interior. Tom’s hands touched every bit of this baby! You will be impressed when you see a Party Machine drive by… wait until you see the inside! The inside is as cool as the outside! Too cool actually.

I put some pics to the right… see Tom Malin in the lower left and the eKzact Smart car in the lower right!

Enter the “British Bus”! Look out Austin Powers.

So, today Tom facilitated my wish to drive a bus. After an orientation and a small safety chat, I got behind the wheel and off we went. Grind, grind… Tom was very forgiving as I got the feel for the manual transmission. What great fun! I learned that it is legal for me to drive the bus with a class 5 license when there are no passengers. Rest assured that Tom’s drivers are all professionals.

If you are planning a family reunion, bachelor party, stagette or want to organize your own corporate event then you need to talk to Tom. Choose from the Tiger Bus, The Zebra Bus, The British Bus or if you want something luxurious, ask about stretch limo’s! Party Machine is a true home grown success. Check them out here…

Thanks so much Tom. I can hardly wait for my next lesson.

Have you seen the Part Machine buses running around?  

Tell me your thoughts on this… I would love to see your comment added below.

Cheers -
David A. West

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Do You Beat Your Competition?

Monday, September 1st, 2008

I wonder how many sales people beat up their competition by injecting rumour, innuendo and sorted negative remarks into discussions with potential clients?  I know at least one web company in Calgary that makes it their practice to undermine the competition with negative remarks. All I have to say is… shame on you.

Our client actually came to us and told us that this sales agent, who also happens to be one of the owners of the other company, was really very negative regarding the fact that this client chose to work with us.  At the time that we were competing for the work all I said to the client about the other company is that I thought that they were a good choice.  I told her that I believed them to be a sound and reputable service provider.

I don’t believe that it is to our advantage to talk poorly of our competition. The fact is that I don’t know very much about them or their business practices.  One thing that I do know, for sure, is that when a relationship between a customer and a service provider “breaks down”… it’s not always the service providers fault. So, the loss of a client is not always a true measure of the service providers performance.  On the other hand, if a service provider loses a lot of clients… then I’d say the writing is on the wall.  When the writing is on the wall, surely I don’t have to say anything.

What’s really interesting about the competitor that tried unsuccessfully to woo our client away with rumours and innuendo is that their efforts would have been better spent trying to preserve their own clients.   You see, my newest client, is this exact same company’s most recent lost client.  He switch to our service because of what he described to be a lack of service and poor billing practices. In fact the client described their practices as falling just short of fraudulent.

Be positive & care about your clients, their business and your own business. Good things will come from small actions that don’t include being negative about people you don’t even know.  If being negative is a part of your sales practice… be sure to clean up your own house first or your clients may leave you too.

Is there room in your sales process for beating the competition up?  Should an Owner who also sells be held to a higher standard?

Tell me your thoughts on this… I would love to see your comment added below.

Cheers -
David A. West

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