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Calgary Extreme Technology Makeover

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

IT Matters Extreme Office Technology Makeover

Your business can win up to $50,000 in brand new technology to kick start 2009!

eKzact Solutions Inc., a Calgary Web Design company has contributed a complete marketing web site makeover to the Extreme Package. Along side sponsors like IT Matters, Research In Motion, Rogers, Microsoft and DELL, we are pleased to participate as both a sponsor and on the advisory board for the Calgary Extreme Technology Makeover.

What could your company do with a $50,000 Office Technology Makeover?
Is your business technology outdated? Enter to win a technology overhaul for a faster, more productive work environment.

The only requirements are that your company have 550 employees, a minimum of 5 PCs and you are based in Calgary, Alberta. The winner will be announced at a special event in January 2009.

Visit and register to Win!

Are We Going into a Recession?

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Or just finding normal?

I wonder if we haven’t been screaming along so fast in the past several years that what we have come to enjoy as “normal” is actually 2x the speed of normal.  All of the talk of recession, sliding markets and a lower dollar has investors worried – with good cause.  It is very clear that something is wrong in the World.

I do believe that Calgary has been moving at great speeds that are not necessarily normal. A slow down may be necessary to find normal again. Having said that, like any business owner, I am concerned that the slow down will impact my business.

Has all of this impacted your business? Are sales down? What plans are you making to protect your business in a down economy?


David A. West

PS – speaking of speed…

Friday, October 24th, 2008

If one more pick up truck risks my life on Deerfoot I am going to ‘blow a gasket’… how about slowing down and using a turn signal. I think the driving in Calgary is getting a bit out of hand.

My shortest blog entry ever… but it had to be said.


David A. West

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