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Have You Been Putting Off Booking a Technology Speaker?

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Often, when I speak to a group for the first time, I hear a meeting planner mention that they had meant to have someone come speak about technology or Internet marketing in the past, but just didn’t seem to get around to it. Usually, if pressed, they give one of three reasons for putting off this kind of presentation:

1. They think it’s going to be too complicated. In other words, they worry that the technology speaker’s going to ramble on about buzzwords and ideas that attendees don’t understand, and that nothing will actually be learned. That’s certainly possible, but if you choose the right technology speaker, they’re going to work slowly through important issues, and at a level that the audience understands. Most Internet-related concepts aren’t actually that complicated, once you get to know a few basics.

2. They fear the technology speaker will be too expensive. Hiring any kind of speaker can be expensive, but you don’t have to pay a lot to find a knowledgeable expert who can present the information in an entertaining way. Just be sure to look at demos so you can know you’re getting your money’s worth, no matter how much you spend.

3. They worry attendees won’t get any takeaway tips. In my presentations, I always try to ensure that attendees will leave feeling absolutely confident they can do things they couldn’t before. I’m sure lots of other technology speakers work the same way, too. Just be sure to mention that you want applicable knowledge, not just random facts.

Technology affects each of us, and especially those of us in charge of managing or marketing a business or practice. So, if you’ve been putting off booking a technology speaker for your next event, don’t wait any longer – reach out to David West today!

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