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Can a Social Media Trainer Find “Fans” in Your Audience?

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Although organizations throughout Western Canada have been taking advantage of my services as a technology speaker for a number of years, I have found lately that presentations on social media are becoming more and more popular. Should you consider the same kind of session for your next meeting or event?

Here are a few reasons a social media trainer can find “fans” in your audience, leading to a fun, memorable, and impactful session:

Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn offer big business opportunities. Although people tend to think of social networking sites as being “fun” – and they are – there are also big opportunities for marketing, networking, and even learning the best practices in an industry. These business and career growth opportunities are easy to find, if you know where to look.

Social media is changing, and most people don’t understand it as well as they wish they did. We’ve come a long way since the first days of sites like MySpace, and newer social venues like Twitter and Pinterest are changing all the rules. In one simple session, a good social media trainer can show attendees what they need to know, and give them a glimpse into the future of social networking.

A good social strategy can impact other parts of the company. The way you interact with social media sites depends a lot on what you’re trying to accomplish, and for whom. For instance, job seekers should take a much different approach than salespeople. Either way, what one person, or part of a company, does on social media should be in line with the person’s or organization’s bigger goals.

Learning about social media is fun and easy at the same time. It isn’t often that you get to work with something that’s both fun and productive. By teaching your members or attendees about sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, a social media trainer can be informative and entertaining at the same time.

If you think you could use an entertaining social media trainer for your next event in Western Canada, call or e-mail the office of David West today to find out about scheduling and details.

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