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One Great Reason to Have a Technology Speaker at Your Next Event

Friday, November 9th, 2012

When you are planning a meeting or event, is it better to have a keynote speaker that’s motivational, one that’s humorous, or a business expert?

My personal philosophy is that you should never settle, and that a great keynote speaker should have all three. In fact, biased as I might be, I think a fun and entertaining Calgary technology speaker could be just what most audiences need.

Why? Because not only can attendees have fun, but they can learn something they’ll put to use immediately… and new ideas about the Internet and technology that could have long-term results in their businesses and careers.

To see why that’s an important point, consider a few things:

Short-term productivity boosts are usually temporary. Psychologists will tell you that motivational presentations tend to “wear off” within a day or two, and usually a bit faster. If you doubt this, think back to the last truly great motivational speaker you heard, and then ask yourself how many serious and impactful changes you made in your life based on what you heard. Or, just think of how many people are able to stick to their New Year’s resolutions, no matter how serious they are about achieving them.

The same goes for humor. Laughter actually is good medicine in a lot of ways, and a funny presentation can be great for blowing off a little bit of stress and giving your attendees a good time. But, like motivation, that light mood tends to wear off, and the content of a humorous presentation is often quickly forgotten. Have you ever tried to retell a joke you heard at a comedy club? Did it have the same effect later?

Technology as part of our lives and careers. When people have fun listening to a technology speaker, learning how to use the Internet and tools like social media more effectively, they aren’t just having a good time – they are developing a new skill that can lead to more sales, better job prospects, etc. I always enjoy giving keynotes and workshops and seeing how even inexperienced users can quickly take what they’re given and try new things.

If you’re looking for a presentation with a long-term lasting result, then I hope you’ll consider having a technology speaker at your next event. Better yet, why not call or e-mail my office today to find out about my schedule and speaking rates?

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