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3 Google Remarketing Tips for E-commerce Retailers

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Even if you haven’t already tried Google remarketing, you probably already have a fairly strong opinion about its value. That’s because few corporations get the amount of press, or generate the amount of coverage, that Google does. And few organizations can create the kind of impact that they can simply by tweaking their advertising platform.

Regardless of those opinions, however, Google remarketing carries some especially heavy implications for e-commerce sites and online retailers. If things work well, it could have the potential to double sales of a lot of products simply by giving buyers another look. And if they don’t… well, let’s just say that all of those ads could easily get expensive very quickly.
For that reason, here are three strong Google remarketing tips for e-commerce retailers:

1. Think long and hard about your takeaway message. Most owners of online stores are already seasoned pros when it comes to writing pay-per-click ads. Remarketing offers are a little bit different, however, since you’re trying to get customers to come back to your site, not just click through the first time. So, instead of stressing low price or fast service, you might try emphasizing the benefits that differentiate you from your competitors, or things (like a one-time sale) that build urgency into the customer’s mind.

2. Be more selective with the keywords you choose. It’s one thing to waste a handful of clicks appealing to the wrong kinds of buyers, and another thing to burn through thousands of impressions that weren’t ever going to generate any revenue for you. Pay close attention to the keywords you’re choosing, and especially which ones are ultimately converting. Because the costs associated with Google remarketing could be higher, you’ll want to be more targeted and specific in your ads.

3. Watch the bottom line closely. Speaking of high costs, they are only worth it if you are also making higher numbers of sales through your online store. While it’s true that it’s incredibly easy to waste money on online advertising anyway, that’s especially true with Google remarketing. Keep a close eye on those impressions and costs, and make sure that things aren’t taking an unprofitable turn. Or better yet, start out with a small percentage of your budget to test the program and make tweaks before you go all-in. You don’t need more places to spend money, unless they’re leading to better opportunities.
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