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SkypeIn… but not “in” Canada.

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

For those of you unfamilier with Skype, it is a peer to peer text, voice and video application. The Skype website says, “Skype is free calls, video calls and instant messages. And you can call landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world at great rates. Free to download and easy to use. “ I agree, in principle, with their statement.

SkypeIn(tm) is when you buy a 10 digit phone number and have it assigned to your Skype Account. People can call you from a cell phone or landline by dialing your Skypein number and ringing you on your computer.  You can buy SkypeIn numbers for 21 countries… but unfortunately, not Canada.

Until Now…
Now you can get a number for most major Cities in Canada for Skype…
…but still not from Skype.

If you really want a SkypeIn number with a Canadian area code, there is a really inexpensive way to acheive it.  I did.  I can now be reached on my Skype account by anyone who dials my new number with the 403 Area Code – 403-775-2205 (give it a try… I spend 80% of my day near a PC)

Here is how you can get a Canadian phone number to ring into your Skype account;

  1. Get a subscription for unlimited calling in the US & Canada for your Skype account… 3 months, the cost is $7.95.
  2. Buy a SkypIn number for your account.  Choose from a number for any of the 21 Countries that are available… I chose a number in Texas. I like Texas.
  3. Now, navigate yourself over to LES.NET.  Sign up for an account ( no cost to open the initial account).
  4. After you are logged into your LES.NET account –> click the menu “order DID” that’s a fancy telecom term for “Phone Numbers” (direct inward dial… I think :-)
  5. Once you buy the phone number you want for Calgary… you need to get it to ring into your Skype Account.
  6. Click the menu Peers/Trunks –> on the bottom, click “New Trunk”
  7. Edit the Trunk details –> give it a name  –> Peer Type = Phone Number –> Peer Address = YOUR SKYPEIN number… remember the number you bought and assigned to your Skye Account earlier :-)  –> SAVE your changes.

Now. There you have it!  Dial the local 403 number (in my case) and it forwards directly to my SkyIn number in Texas and then rings through to my PC! rates are very inexpensive. You can get a North American Toll Free number for a one time fee $15, montly fee $2.50 and $0.055/min.  Canadian numbers with are $3.50 per month plus $0.011 per minute or a flat rate of $8.88. You choose, pay-as-you-go or flat rate.

I know that it is sometimes easier read than done. If you want a local Canadian number for your Skype account and find the above steps overwhelming… just drop me an email from the contact page here and  I will either coach you through it or just simply get you setup.

Happy Skyping.

Hey – why not get Skype now and give me a call? – 403-775-2205

Cheers –
David A. West

Skype Meâ„¢!


  1. shane magee

    Monday, August 18th, 2008

    hay david, any ideas as to how i can get a skypein number for saint john nb????


  2. admin

    Thursday, August 21st, 2008

    Shane – Les.Net doesn’t have all area codes covered yet. I would recommend a pay-as-you go plan with at – they have most areas covered. Their monthly fee and per minute cost is nominal.

    David W.


  3. Josh B.

    Saturday, January 10th, 2009

    Another good option, that doesn’t require jumping through all the hoops, is to get a virtual number from or, et. al. I have an Ottawa virtufon number forwarded to skype, and it works fairly well, and it functions with Skype voicemail, etc.



  4. admin

    Saturday, January 10th, 2009

    @Josh B.
    Josh – thanks for your input. I’ll check them out.
    David W.


    • jack stevensen

      Friday, May 4th, 2012

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      Visit the site to order your Free Accessory, along with a virtual number from any country and replace your home phone with a FREE Voip service today. is the SkypeIn numbers provider for many countries, including: SkypeIn Canada, SkypeIn Netherlands, SkypeIn Spain, SkypeIn Portugal, SkypeIn Belgium, SkypeIn Greece, SkypeIn Italy, SkypeIn isreal, SkypeIn Russia, SkypeIn Australia, and many more countries…


  5. Oscar

    Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

    *********WARNING********** FRAUD ALERT *****

    ——-original comment ——–

    I have it!
    A simple and cheap solution to get a Canadian number that rings your skype anywhere in the world. its they offer most of the Canadian local area codes like:
    Calgary 1-403
    Edmonton 1-780
    Fort Mcmurray 1-780
    Halifax 1-902
    Hamilton 1-905
    Kelowna 1-250
    Kitchner 1-519
    London 1-519
    Montreal 1-514
    Ottawa 1-613
    Quebec City 1-418
    Toronto 1-416
    Toronto 1-647
    Vancouver 1-778
    Victoria 1-250
    Winnipeg 1-204
    so go and get your number from


  6. deez

    Friday, February 27th, 2009

    I think inskype a scam, ur sites looks fishy, prove it buddy!!!!


  7. David West

    Friday, February 27th, 2009

    Their signup process is manual – you have to fill out a form and fax it back to them… with your credit card information and personal details. Unless you know and trust the company you will be giving them enough information, including your signature, that you may be at risk of identity theft.

    I think my hair is standing up now. Please do your diligence when picking a VOIP provider. This may be a legitimate service provider – but I have to say… use caution.

    Here are some other issues that lead me to think this is a scam – service fees are a 1 time $15 USD setup and $15 USD per month recurring fee. This is fairly expensive compared to To cancel the service you need to email an address at Point 4 of their terms make it clear you never own the number assigned. Point 15 adds a fee for cancellation. It seems to me that there are a number of red flags here. The domain name is not properly registered – a whois lookup shows no proper company name, no address, City and shows Antigua and Barbuda as the county. Why are they hiding behind false information related to their domain names. I smell fraud…
    City, 24234
    Antigua and Barbuda

    – David A. west


  8. Randall J

    Friday, August 7th, 2009

    Hey David, is giving me some registration problems (won’t accept the security code…frustrating). Some of the customer reviews were not that great either. I looked into Link2voip… head office is out of Panama, they have a good service record but apparently don’t do call forwarding (it’s on there to do list). I’m here in Calgary with a Skype account and can’t wait to cut my Telus bill down to pocket change. Any ideas?


    • David West

      Friday, August 7th, 2009

      Hi Randall – check out at – they have a very good VOIP service. I have used them for the greater part of the past 5 years. Compare their VOIP phone plans to your Telus or Shaw’s VOIP offering and you’ll likely find that it’s pretty excellent. You can call forward a babytel line to anywhere as well, so if you wanted to point it to your Skype account when you travel etc. it can be done.

      Cheers – Thanks for visiting my blog.

      David W.


  9. Randall J

    Friday, August 7th, 2009

    Hey David,
    Les[.net] got back to [me]… apparently Firefox doesn’t sync. well with there website. Everything looks good from here. I checked out Babytel, if this turns out to be problematic I’ll definitely give them a try. Anyways, thanks so much for the info here. I probably wouldn’t have even tried to do any of this if I didn’t notice your blog.
    I’ll let you know if there is any problems.
    Thx again.


  10. Frank C.

    Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

    @Randall J Call forwarding works great on Link2VoIP now. I use it all the time!


  11. JP

    Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

    You could get a virtual number from and point it directly to your skype account name (don’t need a SkypeIn number) and this will save you some cash. The virtual number seems to work well – they let you test it, and it’s a free trial for 10 days. I haven’t officially tested it yet.

    $7/month for and $3/month US/Canada unlimited calling from skype = $10/month


  12. Slick

    Friday, December 11th, 2009

    Try it’s free and it works I tried it.


  13. PAP

    Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

    Interesting option for ring2skype.
    Its a local number + an extension.
    They seem to provide the service for free.
    The questions that begs an answer is what is or will be there revenue stream?
    Nobody does anything for free…
    They claim (in the FAQ’s) that they divide the cost of a local number across 990 users (extensions) so its very cheap – on a per line basis. OK!
    What’s the catch ?
    Once they get enough users on the service are they are going to force people calling in to get a marketing message?


  14. chris

    Thursday, February 17th, 2011

    virtufon is terrible service, no company contact, ring2skype is extensions only


  15. chris

    Thursday, February 17th, 2011

    i finally signup with its 10$ +free fwd us-ca and voicemail to email.


  16. Kenneth

    Monday, July 11th, 2011

    Hello I have a question..

    I will be doing relief work in Japan, but I hope to have a canadian DID somehow hookd up to my skype so my family and friends can ring me up anytime without them to pay extra.

    How would this work?

    thanks in advance.


    • David West

      Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

      If you need a Canadian in number, you can get one from Les.Net. Setup a US Skype-In number and then point or redirect the Canadian number to the US number and it will ring you on Skype.

      Hope that helps.


      • Kenneth

        Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

        Last night I experimented with Virtufon’s canadian number. It’s 6 dollars / month and it forwards all calls to a contact called Virtuafon on my skype. Whenever I ring that number, it rings up my skype through this contact. Sorta works… and cheapest so far.. I’ll look up thx..



  17. laugh

    Saturday, November 19th, 2011

    all of this bullshit to make a cheap phone call?
    you canucks are a bunch a loosers.
    ask the government to provide you free phone services like health care. after all, you pay your ass of taxes…


  18. Bob Bridge

    Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

    Hi David: I’m glad I found your blog! I’m hoping you can answer a question for me: do you know if OneKing Telecom is on the up-and-up? There are so many grammar, spelling and syntax errors in their website, it makes me a little nervous. Even their “testimonials” have the same errors, suggesting they wrote them, as opposed to clients writing them. Even the one comment in your blog from them is meant to look like a user statement, but again has the same “fingerprint” of bungled syntax.

    I’m looking for an “incoming calls” service that will allow me to dump BellAliant here in Nova Scotia, saving more of my paltry pension each month. I have been using Skype’s “unlimited North America” telephone service for years, and will use it for local calls too, if/when I dump BellAliant. But I still want to be able to accept incoming local calls and the odd long distance call (which we quickly terminate and call back on Skype’s service!).

    Anyway, any comment or insight on OneKing would be much appreciated!

    Bob Bridge
    St. Peter’s NS


    • David West

      Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

      Hi Bob – sorry I don’t have any insight into OneKing. I would recommend that you listen to your spider senses though.

      We started using eVoice recently to receive inbound calls to some of our groups and then direct them out to our own cell numbers. eVoice works very much like Google Voice where you can choose where the number rings (up to three locations). They do have Canadian area codes as well as toll free numbers available.

      See for details.



      • Darci

        Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

        Hey David

        Great info! Evoice doesn’t support forwarding to a skype name does it?


        • David West

          Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

          Hi Darcy,

          I’m glad you visited. Nice to see you. I actually was at your website just recently as well :-)

          Evoice can be forwarded to up to three numbers and you can choose to have them ring in a sequence or all at once. Once of the numbers you put into your sequence could be a “Skype In” number. I haven’t actually done this, but I am fairly confident it could work.

          It’s nice to see how your training business has evolved over at



  19. Bob Bridge

    Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

    Further to my previous comment and question: how can OneKing Telecom offer their skypein-like service in Canada, if Skype itself can’t? (That is, why isn’t the CRTC limitation regarding emergency numbers applicable to OneKing also?) Are they providing service via a US number? Or…?




  20. Jim Walker

    Monday, July 9th, 2012

    great column David.
    hopefully you could give me some advise on telephone service.
    I spend about 6 months a year in Mexico with friends, and the balance in Canada. where I stay in Mexico does not have a landline, but does have internet service.
    I don’t spend a lot of time on phones, but I want to start with a network marketing company, and so will have to be more available to prospects in Kelowna, British Columbia. (currently I have no phone at all anywhere)
    should I be looking to get an online number? and if so, does that mean I always have to have my computer on and skype set up?
    is there a company that can give me a Kelowna number if I do choose that option?
    would it be cheaper to have a pay as you go cell phone with voice messages, then return calls through skype?
    should I be looking at a toll free number instead?
    this is all so confusing, trying to figure out which companies work, which don’t etc. especially as we don’t have a lot of money to spare and we want to get business cards etc

    so the bottom line David is that I’m looking for the most cost effective way to have some kind of phone service




  21. bcmoney

    Monday, September 10th, 2012

    Any insight into Spout:
    (supposedly they are the new company formed by some ex-Link2VoIP employees)?

    I’m evaluating picking up a Cloud Number & DID from them and using via a VoIP softphone app .vs. the “LES + SkypeIN” option you mention here. By my quick calculations:

    1. SkypeIN + SkypeOUT + LES forwarding**
    SkypeIN #: $60/yr
    SkypeOUT unlimited calling: $7.99/month = $95.88/yr
    LES – Unmetered DID: $1.99 (one-time setup fee)
    LES – DID monthly fee: $8.88/month = $106.56
    TOTAL = $264.43

    2. Spout Cloud + DID + VoIP softphone**
    Spout – Fixed-rate DID: $7.00 (one-time setup fee)
    Spout – DID monthly fee: $9.99/month = $119.88
    Spout Cloud #: $6.95/month + $1/month e911 = 95.4/yr
    VoIP softphone app: $8.99 (or FREE depending on app)
    TOTAL = $222.28

    * Skype is priced in US dollars. If you want World ($13.99/month) or World+China ($21.99) unlimited calling in Skype, additional fees apply:

    ** Spout (a Canadian company) is priced in Canadian dollars. Spout would meet the CRTC’s e911 requirements by the LES+Skype would may not, without additional service fees / features added. Spout also has a nifty feature called “Callback” which works like a calling card where you call their number first which then calls you back and prompts you to enter the actual number you want to call (billed as an incoming call this way, and connected for a flat-rate 1.1 cents per minute). The Callback feature could be used from other phone lines to save on long-distance calls.

    So Spout sounds good in theory, but just wondering if you or your readers have any experience or insights to share on the quality or long-term usage of their service.

    Either way, I’m sure both solutions beat the alternatives:
    Rogers voice + data:
    Rogers long distance:
    FIDO (aka Rogers):

    Bell voice + data:
    Bell-Aliant long distance:

    Telus voice + data:
    Telus long distance:
    KOODO (aka Telus):

    Sasktel voice + data:


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