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Months Go By Faster as I Age.

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Helen and I were reflecting yesterday that time goes by faster and faster as we get older. I commented that it seemed like just yesterday that we put the Christmas decorations back into the garage. Here we are, December, thinking we had better get the decorations out again. As we prepare to move the eKzact offices to a larger space, and a shorter commute from home, we really haven’t had time to pause.

I stopped putting Christmas lights on the house a decade ago. It was a ritualistic confirmation that I am still nervous on a ladder, so I stopped doing that. I was the guy on the block who still had the Christmas light out until May. I should have just left them on until December.

Today in the office I realized November was still up on the wall… I thought to myself, if I don’t change the page now, it will be January. Then I remembered that we bought one hundred or so 2008 calendars to give to clients. This became one of my objectives for this week, get the calendars in the mail. Maybe I should just put up the 2008 calendar today and not bothered turning to December.

This year, after the holidays, I think I’ll save myself the effort and leave the Christmas decorations out until next December.

Note to self: Mail Calendars this year.

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  1. Travis West

    Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

    Well, i’m still pretty young myself, but i understand the feeling. When the end of the day announcements come on, i pause for a moment and reflect; “Where the heck did the day go?!” I have one of those calendars in my room. It currently reads April, and has nothing written on it besides what was printed to begin with. And it seems to me that the Christmas decorations have gone away. Unless the tree has turned invisible and intangible…

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