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3 Easy Ways to Get More From Your Technology Budget

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

As business owners and marketers, we naturally want to make the most of every dollar we spend. But as technology users, we often crave the latest and greatest tools and gadgets on the market.

Finding the balance between those two goals isn’t always easy, but it’s not impossible, either. Especially if you follow my three tips for getting the most from your technology budget:

  1. Read the reviews. Some gadgets are worth the big bucks, but others aren’t. The easiest way to find out whether you should spend your money on something new is to read the reviews. Be sure to check out opinions from the pros, since they know what to look for, but don’t discount amateur reviews. Others like you will have the same concerns, and can give you a good first-person perspective.
  1. Invest more in training and consultation. The best technology in the world isn’t worth much unless you know how to use it. Unfortunately, a lot of people buy gadgets and software without ever properly training themselves to make the most of them. Build a little bit into your budget and schedule for training, since that’s what’s going to help you unlock all the great possibilities your new technology offers.
  1. Recycle your old technology. Just because your technology isn’t new anymore doesn’t mean it’s not worth anything. From resale value to recycling and manufacturer rebates, trading in what you had before might be an easy way to save some money on what you want now.

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My Top 4 FAQs as a Technology Speaker

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Sometimes, the most interesting thing about being a Canadian technology speaker isn’t preparing my keynote or seminar, but the questions I get after my session. Here are four I hear on a very regular basis:

1. How long does it take to learn…

There are a lot of different versions of this one, usually centering on a certain piece of hardware or software. The typical answer, though, is “a couple of hours and then consistent use.” In other words, you can learn the basics of almost anything to do with office technology or Internet marketing in a short amount of time. Then, it’s just a matter of reinforcing what you’ve picked up for a few minutes a day.

2. Is there really any business value in social media?

This one usually comes from business owners and executives. The quickest way to answer it is with another question: “Is there value in networking and developing relationships?” In other words, social media is a way to connect you to other people, and there’s always value in making those connections.

3. What’s the one thing I need to know about the Internet?

Most people can handle the basics of using the Internet, but what they’re really missing are tips and shortcuts that make life easier. Whether it’s using the right apps, tweaking the way they search for things, or just understanding how the different parts of the web work, a couple hours of training is often all that’s needed to help them get so much more from their time.

4. Why is search engine optimization so hard?

A lot of businesses feel like search engine optimization is an overwhelming task. That’s partly because of the stiff competition most marketers face these days, but it’s also because many of them fail to understand the basics and are holding on to outdated or just plain bad ideas. The more you understand what Google and the other search engines want, the easier the process becomes.

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Three Kinds of Credentials that Matter with Choosing a Calgary Technology Speaker or Consultant

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Recently, I completed the course and exam to become one of the only Google AdWords Certified Partners in Calgary. That achievement got me thinking about credentials in general, and which ones should matter to potential clients, business owners, and meeting planners.

Naturally, every person or group is going to have their own criteria for deciding whom to work with. In my experience, though, the most pertinent qualifications fall into three categories:

1. Technical or academic titles and certifications. When a major company, university, or industry organization is willing to put their stamp of approval on a person or company, that’s a good sign. The more rigorous the program has been, the more the resulting endorsement should mean to you. A weekend course is good — but a specialized degree or certification program is better.

2. Referrals from other clients or organizations. If someone has done great work for another business or organization, or has lots of positive reviews from neutral third-parties, that’s a good sign you’re going to be pleased with them. Of course, it helps if you can get those reviews from someone you trust personally, given that falsified and counterfeit feedback is such a big problem in the Internet age.

3. Verifiable success in the field. You don’t just get one expert who knows about the topic, but also someone who has “been there and done that” themselves and lives to tell the tale. As important as academic credentials and positive reviews are, don’t mistake them from the ultimate proof: professional highlights and verifiable results.

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