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David West

Learning from the Last Two Decades

Monday, February 15th, 2016

A new year offers the opportunity to learn from the ways in which business and web technologies have changed, not to mention your relationships with them. In the spirit of this idea, I’d like to share a few things that remain noteworthy to me as I look back on the last twenty years.

A New Means of Communication

At the root of what I do are the communications technologies that make digital marketing possible. Sometime around 1994, after gaining experience as the go-to guy for my colleagues who needed help grappling with new workplace computer systems, I connected to the U of C Freenet to explore the use of bulletin boards and similar resources. Not long after that, using my 14.4k external modem, I dialled into the network of networks they were calling “Internet” for the very first time. It was while using the earliest Mozilla web browser that I felt truly compelled by what I could learn and what was possible. Terms like SEO, SEM and Inbound Marketing Automation had not yet been created!

Changing Gears

The evolution of my professional skills has been marked by a shifting dynamic between myself and my responsibilities. I truly became a web programmer when developing reporting tools for the security and life safety industry. I was soon presented with growing numbers of freelance opportunities, helping clients build their own web-based resources. I quickly found myself in a position of difficult balance between providing my clients with quality work while also remaining dedicated to my employer. The experience I gained navigating this dynamic would drive me to take on new responsibilities, founding eKzact Solutions and establishing myself as a business developer.

Lessons from Experience

As a public speaker and business owner today, I’m all about using these experiences to advocate for better business practices. One important principle I can recommend is to never underestimate the sophistication of your potential or established clients. Avoiding hyperbole and grandiose promises will establish a relationship of true respect and collaboration. This goes hand-in-hand with one talking point I can’t emphasise enough: winning and losing clients. If you can lose your clients as gracefully as you gain them, you will leave behind a reputation of positivity and esteem that money can’t buy.

With expertise and dedication that only 20 years of experience can provide, David A. West will help lead your business to a new level of connectivity and visibility. Find out how by calling (403) 456-0089 today!

Does Your Business Have a New Year’s Resolution?

Monday, February 1st, 2016

Many of us like to come up with personal New Year’s resolutions to better ourselves and our lives. Fewer people, however, commit themselves to New Year’s resolutions for expanding the reach and reputability of their businesses. Here are a few you should consider for 2016.

Improve the Quality of Your Content

The internet has become an increasingly competitive place when it comes to content marketing. Is your business up to par? Have a look at your blog and make a list of actionable ways in which the content can be more pertinent, varied, and responsive to common questions and curiosities. Then get to work on making those improvements!

Enhance Your Social Media Engagement

Have you neglected one of your profiles in the past few months? Don’t give up! This year, commit yourself to stimulating your followership and encouraging more two-way interaction. Ask interesting questions related to your work, seeking the opinions and perspectives of your audience. Anything to keep those profiles alive and well.

Revamp Your Website

Is your site mobile-friendly and responsive yet? If not, that should be the first thing on your web design resolution list for this year. It will improve your search ranking and ensure that your visitors will enjoy their experience of what you provide. If the hub of your business isn’t as intuitive and up-to-date as possible, your traffic and conversions will never reach their potential.

Find and Collaborate With a Great Marketing Team

There are few things more fulfilling than a collaborative experience, especially one that results in better revenue, brand awareness, and reputation. A long-term relationship with an experienced marketing team is valuable not only for the monetary performance of your business, but for the enriching experiences it provides to you as a professional and a member of your community.

Consider New Possibilities

If there’s any one resolution you should maintain through thick and thin, it’s to remain open minded and curious about the new possibilities that digital marketing offers us every day. From the latest approaches in advertising and mobile marketing to new forms of visual content, the better your company is able to adapt, the more it will continue to thrive.

By beginning a new year with strong resolutions, we can look forward the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. David A. West is here to help you make the best of each and every one. Give him a call at (403) 456-0089 today!

Producing Powerful Online Presentations: 5 Tips to Improve Your Webinars

Friday, January 15th, 2016

The webinar can be a highly effective tool for building a respectable and trustworthy online presence for yourself, but only if you do it right! Follow these five tips and you’re on your way to providing your audience with the best online presentations they can get.

Get Your Framing Right

If the framing setup of your webinar doesn’t look right, you won’t be sending a very convincing message as a reliable and savvy business owner. It’s more common than you think to see a presenter aim the camera too high to capture mostly ceiling or too low so that their head is out of frame. Make sure you’re sitting up straight and looking professional. Think of it as a portrait!

Use the Right Equipment

It’s also quite common to see presenters skimp out on a low-grade webcam or neglect to use a headset. Firstly, a cheap webcam makes for a cheap presentation. Secondly, a headset with a microphone is critical for avoiding the nasty feedback or horrible echoes that occur when built-in mics and computer speakers interfere with one another. No one should have to “endure” your presentation!

Format Your Presentation

The 16:9 aspect ratio is now a standard for streaming, not to mention TVs and projectors. This means you should probably avoid doing your presentations in 4:3. Once a 4:3 image is on YouTube or broadcast to someone’s widescreen monitor, your slides will be a pain to read and the frame of your upload will consist mostly of wasted space. Format everything including PowerPoint to the appropriate ratio.

Avoid Distractions

If you were giving a presentation in person at a conference hall, you probably wouldn’t invite your dog or your kids on stage as you speak. It’s always important to keep things professional and eliminate the possibility of disruption. Turn off your phone, close the door and windows, plan to have that time to yourself, and never give a presentation in a noisy environment!


One thing that online presenters may not consider is the importance of a dry run. Don’t be afraid to practice your webinar with the participation of guests. It’s an excellent way to gain feedback and useful information based on what goes wrong.

David A. West can offer you the most up-to-date knowledge in digital marketing and public speaking. To learn more about how you can provide top-quality webinars or other engaging content for your audience, give him a call at 403-456-0089 today!

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