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4 Ways to Help Your Calgary Technology Speaker Succeed

Sunday, December 21st, 2014

When you hire a Calgary technology speaker for your conference or event, you’re hoping your attendees will come away enlightened and entertained. You want them to learn things they can use, but also to have a good time.

The first step towards meeting that goal is choosing the right Calgary technology speaker, of course, but a meeting planner’s work doesn’t stop there. In particular, there are four things you can do to help your presenter succeed:

  1. Choose the right topic. The perfect technology topic is one that is timely, applies to your audience, and isn’t over their head or below their existing knowledge level. If you have any doubts about what kind of keynote or workshop you need, ask for a few different ideas or options from your technology speaker.
  1. Schedule enough time. Although there are certainly some topics that can be explained and demonstrated in an hour or less, make sure your schedule matches up with the level of detail you want and need from your technology speaker. Otherwise, their presentation could feel rushed, and your audience might be disappointed.
  1. Give your speaker a quick briefing. In particular, you want them to know a bit about what’s going on with the group, how technology-savvy they might be, and any pertinent details about the event. The more your speaker knows, the better job they can do adjusting their material to your audience.
  1. Test the A/V equipment beforehand. This is important for any speaking engagement, of course, but it’s particularly critical when it comes to technology presentations. The last thing you want is for your technology speaker to be unable to demonstrate a cool track or feature because attendees can’t see screens or hear audio.

If you’re looking for a Calgary technology speaker who can develop the perfect presentation for your audience or event, get in touch with David West today. He and his staff will be happy to discuss speaking dates, sessions, fees, and other details with you through email or over the phone.

Is It Time to Check Your Google Inbox?

Monday, November 10th, 2014

From their innovative search engine to their web browser on down, the technicians at Google have shown again and again they have a knack for finding what we really want and making life easier. Maybe that’s why I’m so excited about one of their newest creations, Google Inbox.

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably inundated with messages, updates, and things to do. This is a problem so pervasive that we tend to take it for granted. But with the release of this new product – which you can learn more about here – Google is taking information and message overload head-on.

Although we’ll undoubtedly see more features rolled out over time, here are a few of the early highlights and features to be excited about:

An inbox that’s for more than just email. Although Google Inbox does technically handle your email, it’s much more than simply another way for receiving messages. By adding in things like reminders, to-do lists, and even social feeds, it’s more an all-in-one organizer than it is an inbox.

It lets you bundle messages and ideas. Wouldn’t it be great to have all of your details around an upcoming meeting in one place, or to have your inbox know to sort messages from a specific group (like your colleagues, or a book club) together for you? With bundles, you can group different notifications around topics, purchases, itineraries, and other logical categories.

Photos and social tie-ins could be powerful. It already seems as if Google is thinking ahead, making it easy for you to check on social streams, image uploads, and other things that used to require looking at dozens of sites or profiles in the past. While this might not seem like a huge deal now, imagine how many hours it could save the average Internet user every month.

It’s easy to get excited about anything Google releases, but I have to say I’m especially optimistic about Inbox. I can’t wait to start using it and see what kind of innovations it might bring for me and my clients in the near future!

3 Easy Ways to Get More From Your Technology Budget

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

As business owners and marketers, we naturally want to make the most of every dollar we spend. But as technology users, we often crave the latest and greatest tools and gadgets on the market.

Finding the balance between those two goals isn’t always easy, but it’s not impossible, either. Especially if you follow my three tips for getting the most from your technology budget:

  1. Read the reviews. Some gadgets are worth the big bucks, but others aren’t. The easiest way to find out whether you should spend your money on something new is to read the reviews. Be sure to check out opinions from the pros, since they know what to look for, but don’t discount amateur reviews. Others like you will have the same concerns, and can give you a good first-person perspective.
  1. Invest more in training and consultation. The best technology in the world isn’t worth much unless you know how to use it. Unfortunately, a lot of people buy gadgets and software without ever properly training themselves to make the most of them. Build a little bit into your budget and schedule for training, since that’s what’s going to help you unlock all the great possibilities your new technology offers.
  1. Recycle your old technology. Just because your technology isn’t new anymore doesn’t mean it’s not worth anything. From resale value to recycling and manufacturer rebates, trading in what you had before might be an easy way to save some money on what you want now.

Do you need a humorous, knowledgeable, and experienced Canadian technology speaker for your next event? Contact my office today to find out more about my presentations, including available dates and speaking fees.

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